Remember when RC seemed high tech? Well drones are definitely High Tech!

Sometimes, it seems to us, how come some technology such as drones didn’t already exist before. Well, drones are here and they are here to stay. Remember when RC (remote control) aircrafts seemed cool? Well drones are definitely much more cooler than their predecessors. Like “smart” phones, “smart” TVs, and even “smart” cars, Drones are “smart” RC aircraft’s.

We took the time to pick up a very popular brand name and model drone that we found for under $300 and decided to give it a spin. Just look at it go:

This is only the beginning as drones begin to go mainstream. While it is really neat what you can do with a drone…It’s hard to say where the technology is heading really. That’s the big question isn’t it? What exactly are you going to be able to do with such technology. Whatever the answer that is, here are FixLaptop, we are planning to stick with it wherever it goes. As such, we decided to begin selling Drone parts on our eBay store. We are currently selling AR Parrot Drone 2.0 Parts from a unit that we took apart ourselves. We will be expanding our selection of parts in the coming weeks and months so if you have a drone that needs a replacement part, visit our eBay store if you don’t already have us bookmarked that is 😛 .

That’s it for now…until next time 😉

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