Old Technology can be a gold-mine…

…if you know what to look for of course!

Sometimes it never ceases to amaze us how something that is considered ancient can still be worth of more value than the things considered modern. Today you can buy an i5 mobile processor for under $20, and yet at the same time, and old 66Mhz gaming computer from the 90’s can go for $100 bucks on eBay! We appreciate old technology just like any other geek and finding them can bring back those memories of the old archaic ways we used to do things with today’s technology that now we only take for granted. Does anybody still remember having to setup your sound card IRQ settings for those old DOS games we loved?

We at FixLaptop have a great eye for spotting old stuff that we know has value. Just a couple of days ago, we finished posting a set of PCI video cards which includes a very RARE video card called “StarFighter Real 3D” which did pretty well in terms of performance according to many reviews comparing to other competing cards at the time. starfigher real 3d pci

We are currently asking for $89.99 for the entire lot of cards but feel free to submit a best offer for us to consider…

Until next time!

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