Diagnose and Troubleshoot Your Laptop Computer!

We now have a free to use laptop troubleshooting guide that anyone can use to help them troubleshoot and diagnose their very own laptop.laptop_repair_troubleshooting_guide

There is still some work to be done  on it but it is pretty much complete and ready for use. This troubleshooter is not meant to teach you how to fix your own computer but it will help to give you an idea of what might be wrong with your computer that needs to be fixed.

You should ALWAYS consult with a professional before tinkering with anything on your laptop. Also, this laptop troubleshooting guide is only meant for laptop computers and it is not designed with desktop computers in mind. Lastly, remember that the troubleshooting guide will only help you diagnose physical/hardware problems with your laptop. It won’t really help you if your laptop is having software problems but you can still run some checks to see if it helps you figure out if your problem is a hardware problem rather than a software one. If you suspect you are having a software issue, why not try out the easy to use PCPhoenix software? It is easy to use and it will help you solve many common software problems that other programs out there just can’t seem to resolve.

If you are ready to begin to diagnose and troubleshooter your own laptop hardware, follow the link to continue: troubleshoot.fixlaptop.org

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Jose Barba

I work on pc computers, can fix laptops, have fixed iPhones, know how to flash, unlock, jailbreak, root Android devices but don't know jack about Linux or Macs.

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